“Strategist and Digital Law, InnovatiON, CyberSecurity, Marketing and CommunicatiON in actiON

What can I say about myself and what you will find here …

I am a lawyer. A digital lawyer, to be more accurate, specialized in Technological Law and Cyber Security.

I have been immersed in business consulting for more than 20 years. For 8 years, specializing in transversal counseling in Digital Law, information security, data protection and cybersecurity to companies and entrepreneurs. Very intense years, with a huge amount of work and a dedication surely above what is recommended, but with the satisfaction of checking each year that more and more clients trust in my work and in the results provided.

On this site, you will find content on my areas of performance and specialization, Strategy and Digital Law, CyberSecurity and Information Security, either in OTROS MEDIOS or the BLOG. This one is oriented generally to issues on technological innovation, legal compliance technology companies, cybersecurity, digital marketing, branding, online reputation, social media and any other thoughts i felt need to share.

In the digital and technological innovation field I move on, I do not specially like to use the word “expert” or “specialist”. The digital environment is always evolving, which necessarily requires a constant learning strategy.

Why strategy? For me the strategy is update + planning + foresight. It consists on a steady, cautious and planned training; with clear objectives that seek to meet and maintain in the time we mark as prior to the next step, and flexible enough to adapt this process daily to the most current and innovative requirements.
Basically the strategy is like surfing! It requires to be well prepared and updated to find where is the wave going to break, to take the proper time and to get hold as long as possible at its peak, getting accompany us to the shore healthy and alive. Also because in that case, we will be enjoying in the process of fulfilling our goals.

In the social media icons you can usually find me sharing content and urging you to talk, so if you fancy, I await you there.


I am associate and co-founder of the National Association of Professional Ethical Hacking (AnpHacket).

I am also professor in the Professional Expert Course in Technology Law and Computer Forensics at the University of Extremadura with the subject of Digital Law (legal aspects of ICT), as well as expert partner in the  Computer World Knowledge Network.

I also write monthly in the General Council of Spanbish Law (Abogacía Española) website, publishing the ICT & Marketing Collaborative Alphabet, in which you can participate contributing your meaning of the letters published to date. I am also writer in the Marketing blog of the General Council of Spanish Law.

And as if I were painting myself into a corner, I promote and organize #CONPilar, first conference in Zaragoza about cybersecurity, hacking and new technologies.

I collaborate assiduously in research, coordination, awareness and dissemination in policy and user´s responsibility in the use of ICT (Legal challenges of technological innovation, information security and cyber security, privacy, right of ICT, under the network, digital marketing, communication and social media), through different media publishers, as well as participating as a regular speaker at lectures, conferences, courses and masters. This part try to keep updated on my LinkedIN page.

I personally focus all my efforts in trying to boost the flexibility of traditional legal language, promoting a real approach to what lawyers work every day and all we can contribute to society: information, content, prevention and solutions, what is in rules and on those bugs that all rules have and sometimes bring success to innovative projects. I am seeking even writing terms and conditions anybody would wish to read and, in a more important way, my clients could live, know and internalize what they are offering in their websites or applications, feeling his texts as something live and necessarily upgradeable.

Always in actiON is what it means #AlwaysON. A personal approach.

I work the creative-proactive-positive potential of people as a key element of effectiveness in the professional and business development. I flee empty contents of egocentrism, notoriety and excuses. I do not compete. I often consciously give some time because I still believe in the potential of people, I love to build bridges between them and am convinced that enriches collaborate.

I do not dream. I plann and execute the actiON to get results.

I also am always connected, even when I intend not to do so, and always try to give quick response with some immediacy to my communications.

If you want to contact me do not hesitate to send me an email using the contact page of the site.

ProfessiONal services

– Advice to technology-based companies or start-ups
– Advice in determining the most appropriate legal form to the activity sector and Technological Compliance.
– Advice on the procurement of services and technology platforms; incorporation of technological innovation and processes; launching projects and initiatives for the information technologies (ICT) implementation ; applications; web site and eCommerce platforms; Crowdfunding.
– Protection and exploitation of intellectual and/or industrial property.
– Writing and updating legal policies, privacy, security and cookies policies.
– Study of strategic plans for business internationalization.
– Advice on funding lines, grants and subsidies.
– Advice to business angels, venture capital and venture capital.

– Detailed analysis of the web for:

• Diagnose the number of existing files on the web.
• Identification of ownership of existing files.
• Quantify, identify and establish levels of security of files containing personal data.
• Check if these files comply with all aspects set out in the implementing legislation.

• Consent of those concerned.
• Uses and purposes of the data collected.
• How the individuals can exercise their rights.
• Access and processing of data by third parties.
• Cessions and international movements of data.
• Security in transmission of data.

– Writing, revision and adaptation of confidentiality clauses Company.
– Writing, revision and adaptation policies web data.
– Drafting, updating, reviewing and adapting web data policies (privacy and cookies) and business (BYOD, control of information assets by the company, etc.)
– Preparation of the Security Document.
– Adaptation of any company to data protection regulations: risk assessments, project impact assessments, implementation of managed compliance systems in terms of data protection and adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation.
– Business training in data protection, security awareness, etc.
– DPO external role of data protection delegate for the enterprise.

– Audit plans on legal risks and efficient use of ICT in the company.
– Drafting, review and / or modification of security policies and legal documents and security information (safety manuals, procedures, instructions, checklists, forms and registration). Preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability – ISO 27000.
– Development of cybersecurity strategies, policies, processes, procedures and business instructions on cybersecurity. Incident response plans.
– In close interdisciplinary collaboration with forensic technicians in IT security to obtain hard evidence of facts on the network that can be considered as digital evidence.
Investigation, detection and defense against cybercrime and online fraud.
– Web security audits, applications, systems and networks. Intrusion test. Exposure analysis. Simulation, awareness and business training in cybersecurity.

– Diagnosis, risk analysis and implementation of management systems for crime prevention in the certifiable company.

– Drafting of code of conduct, compliance policy and crime prevention, management system manual, procedures and instructions resulting from the risk analyzed. External function of compliance officer or compliance committee member

– Advice and defense of individual rights of authors, editors, producers, artists, performers, performers; as well as advice and representation of collective management entities of intellectual property rights; works on all types of software; applications, databases, audiovisual recordings; phonograph.
– Advice, representation and management pending registration, evaluation and monitoring of patent rights, models and designs, distinctive signs (trademarks and trade names).
– Legal advice on advertising, image rights, designations of origin and geographical indications of origin.
– Software audits.

– Consulting, writing and updating the Privacy Policy, legal and Cookies Policy, Terms of use and general conditions of access and Conditions of Contract and procurement processes through web pages.
– Evaluation and design of advertising plans, online marketing and business media and professional social strategy.
– Drafting Contracts negotiation and update e-commerce (e-commerce contracts); computer contracts (hosting, software license or database maintenance, web design, advertising, etc.).
– Preparation, drafting and analysis of digital communication plans for businesses and professionals.
– Consulting, hiring and defense of users and consumer´s rights.
– Compliance by companies in regulatory requirements consumer: Adequacy of web development, e-commerce platforms, sites to the rules of consumer protection.

Analysis, management and legal implementation of technological innovation and business processes;
– Advice to entrepreneurs in technical and mentoring of the viability of its project and strategy in starting a business analysis, implementation plans and legal ecommerce policies suit tailored adapted to each activity;
– Team training; development of effective leadership; management and process management;
– Design and implementation of plans of internal and external business communication.

– Analysis and improvement of internal guidelines SEO website positioning. In review of the web structure, adaptability and multi-device activity as well as in planning the precise legal adaptation. Positioning strategy, communication and online marketing.
Social network analysis and scope.
– Drafting a plan for online communication and corporate image in social media channels to strengthen the brand in the digital environment.
– Commercial communications and advertising, legal shipments of commercial mailings and advertising sms (authorizations). Effective management of social networking events.
– On media and secure payment platforms and financial services Online.
– On electronic contracting, distance and online payments.
– On determining liability for website content (photos, chats, blogs and contributions from third parties..).
– On the verification of the legality of adaptation actions, design and e-marketing campaigns and hiring positioning services.
– Legal advice possible programs, contests, games, raffles and other gamification strategies.
– Advice on the adaptation of marketing campaigns to the rules of data protection, advertising law and unfair competition.
– Advice in recruiting and licensing specific developments of high complexity, Mobile technologies, telecommunications, audiovisual, distribution of intellectual property rights, registration and protection of software, databases and Web pages.
– Advice on possible arrangements of strategic alliances, partners and business collaborations with third parties.
– Advice in cases of transfer of data access and transfer.
– Legal Advice for development of social networks.
– Assistance in the implementation and periodic audits.

– Sale of hardware with technical assistance;
– Leasing of equipment;
– Licenses, software development and maintenance;
– Web pages and applications development.
– Development of e-commerce contracts and online recruitment.
– Contracts for the sale and distribution of products online that require delivery logistics.
– Writing and updating of conditions and terms of use.
– Confidentiality agreements.
– Internet advertising contracts (links, frames, banners, contextual advertising, metatags).
– Drafting, review and / or modification of contracts about e-marketing.

– Evaluation and advice in obtaining electronic evidence.
– Advice, information and advocacy in relation to minors in the network as well as information for parents, children and adolescents on configuration, advantages and consequences of using tools and applications on the network and its determination to security, privacy, intimacy, awareness and digital identity.
Close cooperation and defense of ethical hacking in user awareness in shaping their accounts and disclosure of potential vulnerabilities and malware, trying to do it in a more understandable than the purely technical language.